The National Commission for Democracy (NCD) has received a positive rating for its2015 performance from the Performance Management and Service Delivery (PMSD) Directorate in the Office of the Chief of Staff at State House. This rating was officially announced during the Performance Contract signing ceremony organized by the PMSD Directorate at the Sierra Leone Bank Complex on Thursday, August 4, 2016 in the presence of His Excellency the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, and other senior government functionaries.

Announcing the result for 2015 in preparation for the 2016 signing was the Director of the PMSD Directorate, Abdulrahman Sowa, who among other things noted that on the scale of very good, good, fair and poor, NCD was rated as good under the category of Commissions and Agencies with consideration given to the Performance Tracking Table, Managerial Indicator Matrix, Project Tracker, Analysis of Reports and Peer Review as factors responsible for the decision.

Attending the ceremony on behalf of NCD were the Chairman, Dr. Abubakar H. Kargbo, and the Performance Contract Focal Person who also doubles as the Northern Region Commissioner, Bai John Conteh. In relating the good news to the staff after the symbolic signing of the 2016 Performance Contract with State House, they expressed a sense of relief in the realization that the effort of NCD amidst the huge challenges has paid off with hope that the outcome of the 2016 performance will far surpass that of 2015.

Reflecting on the rating of NCD, the Chairman, Dr. Abubakar H. Kargbo, noted that the pronouncement was very welcoming going to prove that the Commission has been working very hard with the commendation serving as a boost to work harder. He asserted that despite the challenges in resources in being a highly subvented institution, NCD had succeeded to weather every storm to get to where it is on the wings of highly motivated staff strength. Envisaging what he called higher heights in 2016, the NCD Chairman remarked that the current rating would send a positive message to the people about the work of the Commission.

On the backdrop of dealing with a mass of people that is predominantly primordial in nature with the need for more civic education, the Chairman commended the PTT process as being very scientific and as such could rate the performance of NCD in an impartial manner. He also called on government and donors to do more in terms of supporting the work of NCD in transforming the democratic destiny of the nation.

Sharing his views on the rating of NCD, the Performance Contract Focal Person, Bai J. Conteh, observed that performance contracting is both a call to be focused on service delivery and a motivational challenge to working harder with effective productivity as the outcome. Being moderately pleased with the current rating of NCD, the Focal Person is of the view that the Commission is determined to improve on the current rating as against the next rating also noting that “we are always FAT – always Faithful, always Available and always Teachable”.

He also used the occasion to outline the various projects and activities that got NCD a good rating to include the “National Civic Education Campaign to Enhance the Constitutional Review Process”, the construction of flagpole platforms in the four regions, organizing media programmes on new legislations and the roles and responsibilities of Members of Parliament, the production and circulation of the NCD Good Governance Magazine, training of Ward Development Committee Members in the four regions, the running of an updated website, the purchase of a brand new vehicle (Toyota Hilux with Public Address System) for civic education nationwide, providing civic and voter education to enhance bye-elections, the training of Officers on IT Applications and the annual staff retreat among others. “I am very much convinced that performance contracting must be maintained so that the cultures of productivity and accountability can be imbibed in the public service”, he remarked.

Responding to the current rating of NCD, the Programmes Director, Kalie Sillah, noted that he was not surprised at the rating as different structures and perspectives were put in place to move the Commission forward. According to him, the NCD mandate to educate the citizens on good governance, civic consciousness, nationalism, social cohesion, among others, was factored into its 2015 Performance Contract with State House leading to the present outcome in the rating of NCD.

He was full of commendation for the staff of the Commission in working collaboratively to realize its goals whilst urging for the need to engage collectively. He was also full of praises for the Performance Contract Focal Person, Bai John Conteh, also noting that his personal motivation is predicated on the efforts of colleagues that are genuinely motivated and working consistently to realize the goals of NCD.

Gauging the general mood in the Commission on account of the rating, the members of staff of NCD are more than ever before determined to do more in the ensuing year as the content of the 2016 Performance Contract is translated into reality thus giving boost to the good governance landscape of the nation.

From the Communication and PR Department
National Commission for Democracy
9th Floor, West Wing, Youyi Building
Brookfields, Freetown

Chairman's photo
The Chairman
Dr. Abubakar Kargbo

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