PRESS RELEASE 16-09-2011

National Commission for Democracy – Sierra Leone

Promoting Democratic Good Governance

9th Floor, Youyi Building, Freetown, Sierra Leone

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Monday, 12 September 2011


The National Commission for Democracy in accordance with its mandate that borders around educating the Sierra Leone Public to imbibe the culture of democratic good governance for nation building.

Bearing in mind that Sierra Leone is now poised for the 2012 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local elections;

Reaffirming that there is a legitimate government in power that has the constitutional duty to defend lives and property of all the people irrespective of any political alliance;

Having considered the present political environment especially the recent ugly incidents that took place in Kono and Bo respectively;

Recalling the All Political Party Communiqué signed between the All Peoples Congress Party and Sierra Leone Peoples Party aimed at promoting peaceful co-existence and tolerance of each other;

Reaffirming that politics of Sierra Leone is anchored in the access of political parties to all regions in Sierra Leone without hindrance.


Noting that all political parties including their respective leadership must ensure that their supporters should tolerate each other and ensure that the political process is carried out in a civilised manner;

Noting also that political party activity including that of their supporters must be anchored on respect for the Constitution of Sierra Leone which is the fundamental law of the land.

Regretting that despite expressed wish of the majority of Sierra Leoneans to maintaining peace and stability in the country, certain factions in the body of politics are bent to creating an environment characterised by chaos and anarchy.

The National Commission for Democracy expresses its deep concern and disappointment over the Friday September 9th 2011 incident, whether premeditated or spontaneous;

The National Commission for Democracy vehemently condemn in no uncertain terms the tendency to perpetrate violence in any form. NCD is of the conviction that Political Parties must dialogue instead of becoming parties to the destruction of the fabric of good governance.

NCD therefore urges all stakeholders particularly the youth population to promote peace and stability in Sierra Leone.



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The Chairman
Dr. Abubakar Kargbo

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